From Joseph Conteh:

The sewing training project is one of the Global Rotary Grant funded projects managed by Foot Print Mission Sierra Leone supervised by Footprints Missions ALMA – USA and the Rotary Club of Bo. Towards the end of September 2018, we requested funds from the Bo Rotary club A/C to be transferred to one of our contracted suppliers – Day Light Investment for the procurement of the major sewing machines and materials. The supplier did her best and supplied all the items on time.

We currently have received to name but a few:

  • 10 pedal manual assorted brand sewing machines (Singer, Skyfly. ASKA)
  • 1 camp Industrial singer 20433 machine
  • 1 camp conel embroidery machine
  • 2 zigzag sewing machines
  • 1 overlock machine
  • (Plus many other items)

We have all the above sewing machines fixed and ready for the training.

Within the same September month, we conducted the interviews for the appointment of an Instructor. Out of five (5) applicants, Mr. Hassan J. Kanu was successful. He was trained in Freetown in sewing, Gara Tie-dying and soap making. He taught Sewing in one vocational training Centre in Freetown for some years. He has opened a personal sewing shop and trained apprentices for about twelve (12) years. He is a good tailor! The machines were fitted immediately upon arrival.

From the 1st – 7th October 2018, I and the Instructor worked on the sitting stools for the arrival of the students/trainees. We found a carpenter in Yele who did it for us.

On 8th October, 2018, I and the sewing Instructor conducted an interview to select 15 students/trainees out of twenty-one applicants. The rest were put on a waiting list for next in-take after 6 months.

On 9th October 2018, the approved 15 students/trainees started classes as we officially opened the SEWING TRAINING PROGRAM at the Child Care Centre, Makankisa, Yele.

We started with devotion (singing and offering prayers) at the Child Care Centre Dining Hall. I welcomed them on behalf of the sponsors, the partners, the fundraisers and our Executive and staff. We gave them rules to follow and did a familiarization tour with them around the compound showing them where to go and where not to go. I supplied books, pens, and pencils to them as a starting package. Further, we explained to them that the duration of the course is 18 months for one batch. Immediately, the instructor started the training.

There are 15 students/trainees made up of 2 Male and 13 Female. Three (3) of the female never attended school while the twelve (12) other students/trainees are school dropouts ranging from primary to secondary levels. They are all between 21- 29 years.

Thank you for your support of the Sewing Training Program!

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