Some news from the Child Care Centre in Yele


The Agriculture project has been revamped as a rapid recovery action plan has been affected starting June 1, 2019. The entire team went into real action by brushing and tilling more land in the project site. Within this one month, the following was achieved:

  • Planted OKRA – 1 plot = 0.5 acre
  • Planted CUCUMBER – 1 plot = 0.5 acre
  • Planted CASSAVA – 2 plots – 2.0 acre
  • Planted GROUNDNUT – 2 plots = 0.25 acre
  • Planted POTATOES – 0.5 acre and 50” X 40”
  • Planted MAIZE (CORN) – 3 plots
  • Planted EGGPLANT = 550 plants in the open field and have also,
  • Planted EGGPLANT = 380 plants in 2 of the damaged greenhouses

As you can see, the work is begun but the crops are just now germinating. We still have to see the growth, the maintenance of the farm and then the harvest. We hope to see continuity in the work.


The Sewing Training Project is still on course.

Six machines had some faults and were sent to Makeni for maintenance. They all are working well now.


Managing the 20 children in the center, maintaining a friendly environment and ensuring the children go to school has been our focus and we have been on target for the entire month.

Nevertheless, some children got sick and accident did occur.

Malaria is prominent in Africa as there are mosquito carriers all over. The use of bed nets and window mesh screens only minimizes the risk. It should not be surprising if often the children fall sick of malaria as they get mosquito bites outside the house before going to bed.

There was a  motorbike accident when one of the security was sent to collect fuel in Yele town. One of the boys was with him. They fell down on their way back. Both of them had injuries but were treated by Dr. Erdi at the center. The motorbike was badly damaged.

Below is the window screen project to prevent the inflow of mosquitos into the homes. It is in progress to be completed in July 2019.

Taking the children out of the center to help them ride the Yele ferry to make them happy.

The eldest boy in the Center, SULLAY THULLAH.

He is a remarkable boy, ready to learn and serious in everything. He takes leadership position in church and as you can see on the third photo, Sullay is repairing faulty phones and touch lights. We are proud of him and watching him.