Sponsor a Child

These children are looking for immediate sponsors.  Sponsoring a child provides food, clothing, shelter, and education for each child.

Mariatu Kanu.jpeg

Mariatu Conteh

Birthday: 01/08/11

Mariatu was born in the Makellah village.  Both her parents died from Ebola, and she was later taken to Waraima to be cared for by her blind grandfather.  Mariatu is smart and kind.  She is very bubbly and self-aware.  As one of the older girls, she has begun taking more responsibilities like cutting fruits and vegetables, and guiding her siblings in making good choices.  Her future is bright, just like her intelligence and personality.

Samuel Kanu.jpeg

Samuel Kanu
Birthplace: Massaymoi/Roline

Birthday: July 05, 2012

SAMUEL KANU was born at RolineKaparok village, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district on July 5, 2012 . His father, Sheku Aruna Kanu and mother, Naso Gbla both were infected of the Ebola virus and died of it. Samuel was later taken to Masaymoi village where majority of their family stays with his other siblings.
Footprints Missions took him to the orphanage for support.
Samuel is intelligent and very smart mentally and physically. He has proven this as he holds first or second position in each of the classes in his school. He is incredible. A swift, skillful and unafraid football. He loves everything about sporting activities. He is eager to learn and can easily master everything. When Samuel wants something, he goes for it unhindered. He is a wonderful young man that everyone admires.

Aminata Fullah.jpeg

Aminata Fullah

Birthday: November 20, 2012

Aminata was born in the Rosin Village in Sierra Leone.  She lost both parents during the Ebola crisis.  Aminata is beautiful in every way, shape, and form.   She is fun, funny, independent, and kind. Her spirit is bright, shedding light on everyone and everything.  She is fun to watch- whenever she wins a game or has some type of success she does a head bobbing victory dance and sings about Jesus.