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Meet the Children

Below are the beautiful children that make up Footprints Christian Orphanage in Yele, Sierra Leone.

We provide daily needs met through our generous donors for these precious children.  While under our care the children are safe, cared for, and loved immensely.  Some of the things our orphanage provides these sweet children is: developing vocational skills such as woodworking, sewing, and gardening; school 

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Become a Sponsor

At Footprints, we provide three options with sponsoring.  For $90 per month, that covers ALL needs for one specific child.

You can also choose to give $30 monthly or $60 monthly. We consider a child FULLY SPONSORED once we reach $90 per month for each child at the orphanage.  Thank you for your support to care for these beautiful children!

Amadu Kanu.JPG

Amadu Kanu

Amadu was born at the Masaymoi village.  Both of Amadu's parents died from Ebola.  Amadu likes to play soccer and is very athletic.  He is known as having a graceful smile and being very helpful.  He is very intelligent and one of the top acaemic students in his class.



Fatmata Bangura

Fatmata was born in Yele, where she lived with her grandmother after both parents died from Ebola.  Fatmata is a go-getter.  Her agility makes her an incredible athlete and tough competitor.  She has a bubbly and optimistic personality making her a great teammate and friend.


Hassan FP.JPG

Hassan Mansaray

Hassan was taken in at the Footprints Orphanage in October of 2022.  Hassan is front the Bombali District in Sierra Leone.  His mother died 10 days after giving birth to Hassan.  Three years ago, his father died after falling from a palm tree (often people climb trees for food sources from trees.)

Hassan is the first child Footprints has taken in since the original 20 orphans whose parents succumbed to the Ebola outbreak.


Fatmata Sai Conteh.JPG

Fatmata Sai Conteh

Fatmata was born in Makellah Village in Sierra Leone.  Her father and mother both died from Ebola.  She has two other siblings.  After her parents death, her blind grandfather took she and her siblings and had to beg in order to provide food for the children.  At this point the family was connected with the Footprints Orphanage.  Fatmata is described as smart, funny, and has a wonderful contagious laugh.



Mahawa Kanu

Mahawa is from the Masayomi village.  She has a bubbly and fun personality and has the ability to make anyone and everyone smile.  She is very smart and is described to "crush everyone at the multiplication game."  She is described as patient and very clean, always helping the center mothers.  Mahawa is a joy and a blessing.


Mariatu Conteh.JPG

Mariatu Conteh

Mariatu was born in the Makellah village.  Both her parents died from Ebola, and she was later taken to Waraima to be cared for by her blind grandfather.  Mariatu is smart and kind.  She is very bubbly and self-aware.  As one of the older girls, she has begun taking more responsibilities like cutting fruits and vegetables, and guiding her siblings in making good choices.  Her future is bright, just like her intelligence and personality.


Aminata Sussy Fullah.JPG

Aminata Sussy Fullah

Both of Aminata's parents died as a result of the Ebola outbreak.  Aminata is described as a social butterfly.  She is friendly, fun, kind, and affectionate.  She has the ability to talk to anyone and make them "feel at home."  She loves to play games, and has a sweet small voice that cheers everyone when she sings.


Sullay Thullah.JPG

Sullay Thullah

Sullay was born in a village called Makellah.  Both of his parents died from Ebola, and Sullay was left in the care of his impoverished uncle. There was little hope for his survival in his living environment.  Sullay is currently the eldest at the orphanage.  He is described as a "light in a dark room." All of the other children look to Sullay for guidance.  He is extremely smart and can "fix anything," such as broken phones, radios, and bicycles.  Sullay is humble and dependable and has dreams of becoming an engineer.


Aminata Conteh.JPG

Aminata Conteh

Aminata was born at Makelleh but later taken to Masumana after the death of both of her parents.  She is a ray of sunshine.  Aminata is affectionate, loyal, and has big beautiful eyes that melt your heart.  She loves piggy-back rides, hanging onto your shoulders and climbing up your back until you crouch down and let her up. She loves giving hugs and also loves animals.


Ramatu Tholley.JPG

Ramatu Tholley

RAMATU THOLLEY was born on August 13, 2009 at Patifumayeppoh village, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district. She lost both parents due to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. She and younger sister are both at the child care center.

RAMATU THOLLEY acts as a light in a dark room. Her smile is warm and inviting, while her eyes are analytical and aware. She possesses all of the qualities of a great leader. Ramatu is intelligent; not just in her school work, but in how she carries herself, her emotional intelligence, and in how she effortlessly chooses to balance teaching her siblings while learning from the older women. Additionally, she she has an incredible willingness and eagerness to learn both in school and in life. She is a critical thinker, willing to push the boundaries and exceed any and all expectations set forth.she is diligent, hard working, studious, and a joy to be around: a shining example of a well-rounded young girl with a successful future. She is currently the teacher and leader of the orphanage singing group for church worship. RAMATU is one of God's most astonishing creations. It is impossible not to love her.


Karty Kanu.JPG

Karty Kanu

KARTY KANU was born by Mr. Sheku Aruna KANU and Madam Naso Gbla on March 10, 2014 at RolineKaparok village, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district. The two parents however moved to Masaymoi village where majority of the other relatives live. It was at Masaymoi that her two parents contacted the Ebola virus and died of it.  Karty has other siblings and were in the care of their old grandfather and Madam Sampa KANU when Footprints Missions took her to the child care center for support.

Karty is easy to love. Despite her small size, she has a huge, boisterous personality that demands attention. She is very aware, energetic, smiley, fiesty, and smart. Although she is one of the youngest children at the orphanage, she is unafraid to join any game, watching and learning from the older children at all times. While she is independent and knows what she wants, she is also kind, gentle, and affectionate to make anyone laugh. She is neat and bold in involving to doing things. Her heavy stammering tongue does not hinder her to say whatever she wants to say even if it takes her a longer time to express it.


Samuel Kanu.JPG

Samuel Kanu

SAMUEL KANU was born at RolineKaparok village, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district on July 5, 2012 . His father, Sheku Aruna Kanu and mother, Naso Gbla both were infected of the Ebola virus and died of it. Samuel was later taken to Masaymoi village where majority of their family stays with his other siblings.

Footprints Missions took him to the orphanage for support.

Samuel is intelligent and very smart mentally and physically. He has proven this as he holds first or second position in each of the classes in his school. He is incredible. A swift, skillful and unafraid football. He loves everything about sporting activities. He is eager to learn and can easily master everything. When Samuel wants something, he goes for it unhindered. He is a wonderful young man that everyone admires.


Aminata Tholley.JPG

Aminata Tholley

AMINATA THOLLEY was born on November 25, 2011 at Patifumayeppoh, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district by Mr. Samuel THOLLEY and Madam Adamsay Kamara. Both parents died as a result of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. Footprints Missions took her to the orphanage together with her elder sister to be cared for.
AMINATA THOLLEY is simply amazing. She is gentle, thoughtful, and affectionate while maintaining the ability to tackle any problem or person fearlessly. She is strong, tenacious, beautiful, independent, and fierce. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is skillful in playing games and would always go for a win. It is abundantly clear that she will be successful at anything and everything she sets her mind to.
AMINATA sees the beauty in everyone and has a shining, spunky personality that exhudes confidence. Her work ethic and worldview are two qualities most people attain in old age, if at all. AMINATA THOLLEY is beautiful in anyway, shape,and form.



Kadiatu Fullah.JPG

Kadiatu Fullah

Kadiatu lost both of her parents to Ebola and her widowed grandmother took her in after their death. Footprints then took in Kadiatu to care for her.  Kadiatu is the perfect balance of fun, loving, and responsible.  She loves to play games and mess around, but also is very responsible.  She helps the center mothers prepare food for the younger children.  Kadiatu loves to have fun and will laugh with her whole body, throwing her shoulders forward, head back, and contagiously having others join in her laughter.  Everyone simply loves her.



Aminata Fullah

Aminata was born in the Rosint Village, both of her parents died from Ebola.  She was picked up from her grandmother by Footprints to be cared for at the orphanage.  She is beautiful in every way. She is fun, funny, independent, and kind.  Her spirit is bright, shedding light on everyone.  Whenever she wins a game, she does a head bobbing victory dance and sings about Jesus!


Abdul Bangura.JPG

Abdul Bangura

ABDUL BANGURA was born in Yele on January 2, 2005. His both parents died of Ebola virus. Footprints Missions took him and younger sister to the orphanage for support.

Abdul is fearless, brave and strong young boy. He likes leading and can be seen as a tough leader. He is tactful in playing soccer. As one of the older boys in the orphanage, he helps the younger kids to learn many things. He is fun when happy but can be tough at times too. He is incredible.


Abdulai Fulllah.JPG

Abdulai Fullah

ABDULAI FULLAH was born on February 20, 2012 at Patifumayeppoh, Mayeppoh Chiefdom, Tonkolili district. His two parents both died of Ebola virus and was left with the his siblings in care of their grandmother. He was brought to the orphanage together with two of his sisters.  ABDULAI FULLAH is quiet and independent. He is strong and brave. He likes going to the bush to have fun. He his helpful and very courageous in the football pitch. Most times he is seen manning the goal post. He is an amazing young man.

Fully Sponsored

Aminata Joyce Fullah.JPG

Aminata Joyce Fullah

Aminata awas born July 5.   Both of her parents died from Ebola, and her grandfather took her in until Footprints was able to take her in.  Aminata is the girl everyone wants to be friends with. S he is sweet, independent, spunky, and strong.  Bright in both personality and intelligence, she is successful in everything she does.  She has a strong work ethic allowing her to prosper in each aspect of life.  Her contagious laugh welcomes people with open arms while her kindness makes them feel at home.  She blazes her own trail while as a guiding light for the other children.  She is effortlessly incredible.



John Alhassan Kanu

JOHN KANU was born on September 14, 2011 at Masaymoi village. The two parents were infected with the Ebola virus and were unable to survive of it. John was taken to the orphanage with some of his siblings.

John is a joy. Despite his small size, he packs a punch in terms of his personality and love for life. He is energetic, jumping and playing around constantly. John has a heavy tongue and can't pronounce some words very smoothly and clearly making him to be shy and reserved upon meeting. However, when he feels comfortable and in-his- element, John is gentle and affectionate, showing his love and affection through touch and attention. He always pushes for what he wants and does not easily give up.


Aruna Kanu.JPG

Aruna Kanu

ARUNA KANU was born on January 1, 2009 at Masaymoi village. His two parents parents died of Ebola virus and was left in the care of his grandma. Footprints Missions came to his rescue when he was taken to the orphanage for support.
Aruna is fun and full of joy. He is always playing, whether it be soccer, hand games, or just in the sand. He can not be kept in one place for long - he is very active both in school and at home. He is competitive, aware, and unafraid, taking on the older kids. He has a warm, comforting presence that makes him irresistible.


Issa Fullah.JPG

Issa Fullah

Issa is one of the newest members of the Footprints Orphanage.

Issa, age 7 now, was born at Pintklie village. His mother, Yardo Fornah died immediately after giving birth to him. The father died 3 years ago of Liver problem proven at City Garden clinic by Dr. ABD Sesay.

Child was left to be cared for by his uncle, David Fullah, a farmer having 5 other children.


Mohamed Fullah.JPG

Mohamed Fullah

Mohamed is one of the newest members of the Footprints Orphanage.

Mohamed was born at Pintklie village, sharing boundary with Yele town. His mother, Mariatu Kanu died 5 years ago immediately Mohamed was born. The father died of cancer at the end of 2017.

Mohamed is now five years old and only just started schooling since living at the Footprints Orphanage.


John Kanu.JPG

 John Kanu

John Kanu is the son of late Mr. Junior Kanu and Late Mrs. Marion Kanu. Both parents died of individual sickness. John was born on April 10 in Waterloo.

After the death of the parents, John was brought to Yele to be cared for by his grandfather. The intention of the grandfather was to let him learn a skill - welding. He was already 3 months in it when he got the opportunity to come to Footprints Missions orphanage. He is currently in class 3 at SDA primary school in Yele.



Mohamed Alie Sesay

Mohamed Alie Sesay is the younger brother of Momoh Sesay. He was born on 12 March 2018 in Makeni by John Sesay and Madam Kadiatu Sankoh. Two years after the birth of child, his mother disappeared from home and up till now could not be traced. He was left in the hands of his father who had no option but to arrange a neighbour to care for child. In January 2023, father died suddenly from ill health. Due to the poor condition of the child, he was taken into the orphanage of Footprints Missions for better care.

He is currently in Class 1B at SDA Primary school in Yele.


Momoh Sesay.JPG

Momoh Sesay

Momoh Sesay was born on 14 January 2013 at Makeni. His mother, Kadiatu Sankoh disappeared from home since 2020 and through present, her location is unknown. All efforts to find her has turned fruitless. It was because of this that Momoh was taken to his father's home town, PatifuMayawa to be cared for by his aunty, Hawa Sesay who has 7 biological children to care for.

Momoh's father, John Sesay died in January 2023 due to illness. He was a worker at City Garden clinic in Makeni. Momoh has a younger brother that is alive.

Currently, Momoh is in class 3 at R.C Primary school in Yele.

Thanks to God for the intervention of Footprints Missions; he is now cared for at the orphanage.


Mohamed Tholley.JPG

Mohamed Tholley

MOHAMED THOLLEY was born in Makorya village. He is now 8 years old. His late mother Fatmata Kamara died few months after child was born. The father, Mohamed Tholley died during mining of gold when the mud fell on him inside the mining pit.

Mohamed is now in class 2.


Joseph Conteh.JPG

Joseph Conteh

Joseph is the project manager that oversees all of the children and all of the daily needs at the Footprints Child Care Center! Joseph has played a huge role in keeping the everyday running of the orphanage successful and keeping the Footprints team aware of how the children are doing daily and needs at the orphanage.

Joseph is married and has three children and his family resides in Makeni, Sierra Leone. Joseph has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration that he attained at the Private University of Makeni and has lots of experience running various businesses prior to our orphanage. He has been our project manager since June of 2018 when our orphanage opened and has been such a gift from God in running our orphanage.

Thank you Joseph for all you do to further God's kingdom running our Footprints Orphanage!

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